Knot as Tricky as it Looks

I need to try this


Gooey chocolate brownies? Anyone

These are by far one of my favourite things to make, they’re so simple to make.. But I dread to think of the calories consumed in just one of these brownies


My work mates and especially my sister adore these, every batch I make is gone within the same day and for my sister she always has to have one whilst they’re still warm when they’re fresh out of the oven.

If you decide to make these you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be a huge hit with whoever has a brownie, as they’re crisp on the outside with a seriously soft and gooey centre that will be a massive success with anybody with a sweet tooth!

Once again for the recipe message me if you want to try these outstanding brownies

Love love love 💕

A rosey birthday cake

So as I said yesterday my heart is in baking although I’m a qualified hairdresser, I love both.. And why? Probably because you have to put time and effort into the two for something beautiful and unique to be created and I must say I’m pretty proud of how this is although I need to add my aunties name to the blank area..


Why did I make her a cake? Because hairdressers wages are utter shit especially when you are still considered to be an apprentice, so I’m broke.. THATS WHY!!

And considering I have never done a cake quite as fancy I’m hoping she will love it, to start off with its just a basic vanilla sponge recipe, and rather than the traditional buttercream/whipped cream and jam filling I’ve suprised everyone by filling the middle with marshmallow


Especially with my auntie having cerebral palsy I know she’ll love this more than the most expensive present she could ever be given as it’s something I’ve actually thought of and I know with her having the heart of gold that she does have that she’ll know how much love, care and attention will have gone into this cake to make it so pretty and just for her, yes it won’t last forever but who says a suprise present like this has to?

If anybody really wants the recipe then once again feel free too xoxo

Salted caramel millionaire shortbread

So yeah I’ve not posted for a while possibly because as much as I love fashion and everything it’s not 100% where my heart is..
Baking on the other hand is so I thought I would share this little beauty with everyone as at 9 o’clock last night I decided to bake😊👌

salted caramel millionaire shortbread was a delight to make, it’s a tad long winded but the taste was worth it in the end


I love millionaire shortbread at anytime but spicing a basic recipe up with salted caramel was just unbelievable 😍

For anybody who wants this recipe please don’t hesitate to ask

Jean Paul Gaultier A/W walk

I’ve got to say out of all my favourite walks for the A/W 15 catwalks JPG was definitely my favourite, I’ve been dying to talk about it for days..

dark side of fairytale and let me say it was beautifully dark, all blacks and reds with sleek hair bouffanted at the front of the head, and obviously conchita was the best thing since sliced bread


This was honestly the best high fashion walk along with the outfits and makeup and didn’t just look like a bunch of random clothes thrown together, there was elegance with the twist of the fairytale darkness


Absolutely gorgeous!!
love & light, Emma xo

Not a clue

Blogging has always been something I’ve been interested in seen as I’m in the fashion industry working in a hairdressers in the centre of Manchester, I’ve tried blogger and just really didn’t get into it, so here I am giving WordPress a go. so far so good!!

I’m hoping to start a blog with about my little life and with some of my favourite fashion ideas, hairstyles and makeup & skincare thrown into the mix of things

Hopefully I can find my feet and it won’t be too difficult hahaa, feel free to give me advice as it won’t go unappreciated haha

Love & life Emma 💕